Legacy of Dead by Play’n GO!


Hello, fellow slot aficionados! It’s your cheerful, passionate gaming enthusiast here, and I’ve just embarked on an exhilarating journey back to the heart of Ancient Egypt with Play’n GO’s latest gem, Legacy of Dead. Let me be your guide through this enchanting escapade, as we unravel the mysteries of the pharaohs together. Buckle up because this ride is brimming with excitement, unique features, and, of course, the chance to uncover treasures untold!


Setting the Scene in Legacy of Dead

Imagine stepping into an ancient Egyptian temple, the air thick with mystery and history. This is exactly where Legacy of Dead takes us, across its beautifully designed 5 reels and 10 paylines. The ambiance is just spellbinding, with flaming torches and majestic stone pillars framing the reels. Each symbol is a work of art, crisp and vibrant, making the experience all the more immersive. From the familiar 10 – Ace card royals to the esteemed company of Horus, a Pharaoh, Anubis, and Tutankhamen, each character brings its own flair to the game. And, oh! Landing five Tutankhamens will grant you a royal bounty of 500 times your stake!

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The Thrill of the Spin

Playable from the humble beginnings of 10 c/p per spin to a grand $/€100, Legacy of Dead welcomes adventurers of all budgets. Prepare yourself for a high-volatility quest, where the rewards can be as monumental as the pyramids themselves. The game’s mechanics are straightforward yet compelling, perfect for those who adore the thrill of the chase in their gaming sessions.

One aspect we simply must delve into is the Return to Player (RTP) percentages, a crucial compass for any slot enthusiast. Legacy of Dead shines brightly here with a variable RTP that can reach up to a golden 96.58%. This generous offering places the game as a beacon for players looking for a fair chance at claiming the pharaohs’ forgotten treasures. Remember, my friends, a favorable RTP can make all the difference in your quest for riches!

Bonus Features:

In addition to the already thrilling gameplay, Legacy of Dead is adorned with bonus features that elevate our expedition to divine heights. The chance to retrigger free spins and add numerous special expanding symbols turns each bonus round into a potential feast of wins. It’s as if the gods themselves are watching over us, offering their blessings through the reels.

Free Spins & Expanding Symbols

Upon summoning 3 or more scatters, the gates to 10 free spins swing wide open, each scatter beyond the initial three multiplying your stake by up to 200 times! Before the dance of the free spins commences, fate chooses a symbol at random. This chosen one has the power to expand, covering entire reels, setting the stage for wins that can fill the screen with the same symbol, creating a spectacle of payouts!

A Kaleidoscope of Special Symbols

But wait, there’s more! In the vibrant world above the reels, special symbols come to life in color, signaling their significant roles. Should the free spins retrigger, another symbol joins the ranks of the expandable elite, transforming the gameplay into an ever-evolving tapestry of potential wins. Imagine the thrill as up to 9 symbols become special, each capable of expanding, turning every spin into a potential jackpot!

A Legacy Worth Exploring

Despite the whispers of familiarity with its predecessors, Legacy of Dead stands tall, its sands glistening with unique charm and potential. While it may echo the legends of Book of Dead and Book of Ra, it carves its own path through the dunes, offering a fresh adventure filled with wonder, excitement, and the lure of untold riches.

Is Legacy of Dead worth your time? As a connoisseur of slots and a seeker of thrills, I say, without a doubt, yes. While it might not revolutionize the world of online slots, it enchants with its blend of nostalgia and novelty. For fans of the genre, it’s a hearty nod to what we love, with enough twists to keep us spinning with anticipation.


So, whether you’re a seasoned explorer of virtual Egypt or a newcomer eager to discover its secrets, Legacy of Dead promises an adventure filled with excitement, beauty, and the chance to write your own legacy among the sands and stones of Ancient Egypt. Join me, won’t you, in this thrilling quest for glory and gold?