Rise of Olympus 100 by PLAY’N GO!


Oh, where do I even begin with the electrifying thrill that is “Rise of Olympus 100” by PLAY’N GO? Picture this: a world where the might of the Greek gods is just a spin away, and each play brings you closer to the divine. I’ve been a massive fan of PLAY’N GO’s games, especially the iconic “Moon Princess,” and let me tell you, they’ve outdone themselves yet again with “Rise of Olympus 100.” If you’re a slot game enthusiast like me, buckle up for an adventure steeped in mythology and bursting with features that promise to keep your heart racing!


The Divine Setting

First off, the visual allure of “Rise of Olympus 100” is just spellbinding. We’re talking about a setting that changes dynamically as the gods take turns ruling the roost—Zeus with his thunderous presence, Poseidon in his watery realm, and Hades in the fiery depths. And their voices? Absolutely iconic. It’s not just eye candy; the god in play significantly influences the gameplay, making every spin a narrative on its own.

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Betting with the Gods


Playing on a 5×5 grid might sound standard, but there’s nothing ordinary here. You’re aiming to match symbols horizontally or vertically, and when you do, magic happens. The symbols disappear, making room for new ones and potentially triggering win after win. Betting starts friendly for all, but hold onto your seats because this game packs a punch with its high volatility and the chance to hit returns of up to 96.2%.


And the features—oh, the features are where “Rise of Olympus 100” truly ascends. Every win sees symbols vanish only to be replaced, potentially creating chain reactions of divine proportions. Wild symbols emerge from the ether, bolstering your chances of monumental wins. And the Hand of God feature on non-winning spins? A game-changer that can turn the tide in your favor.

Free Spins

But there’s more! Fill up the Wrath of Olympus meter, and watch as the gods unleash their power in a spectacle that could lead to free spins. And speaking of free spins, the choices here are nothing short of epic. Will you choose Hades, Poseidon, or Zeus, each offering a unique number of spins and the chance to fill the meter for even more action?

A Slot Odyssey of Epic Proportions

Comparing “Rise of Olympus 100” to its predecessors, what stands out is the sheer magnitude of its ambition. The potential for wins has skyrocketed to celestial heights—up to 15,000x your bet! It’s like PLAY’N GO has taken the essence of “Moon Princess 100,” infused it with the majesty of Greek mythology, and turned the excitement dial up to 100.

Why Play “Rise of Olympus 100


In closing, “Rise of Olympus 100” isn’t just a slot game; it’s a mythological journey. It’s a testament to PLAY’N GO’s genius in crafting games that are visually stunning, deeply engaging, and immensely rewarding. Whether you were charmed by “Moon Princess 100” or you’re a newcomer to the saga, this game is an adventure fit for the gods. The action is relentless, the gods are on your side, and the winnings? Well, they’re just divine. Join me in this epic odyssey, and let’s conquer the reels together in “Rise of Olympus 100”!